Dubai International Airport Concourse A and D

The two concourses at Dubai International Airport have a total of about 14,000 FTTO switches installed to provide complete connectivity for all services

When the multi-billion dollar expansion of Dubai Airport was designed in 2010, the FTTO technology was chosen to create a high-performance fiber optic network in the international airport’s new eleven-storey Concourse A terminal building. The Fiber To The Office (FTTO) concept was employed in an area more than 500,000 square metres; The FTTO technology met the considerable challenge of supplying the approximately 50 ticket and check-in desks, hotels, and businesses with high-performance data transmission. These standards also apply to the new building’s 20 gates, most of which are set up to manage the Airbus 380—The FTTO technology guarantees the high bandwidth needed over large transmission distances, while also meeting the airport’s high standards in terms of both data security and energy efficiency.

After the Concourse A was opened in 2013 with about 9,000 switches, they started working on Concourse D, which also uses FTTO technology with about 5,000 switches. Concourse D was opened in 2016.

Dubai International, the world’s number one hub for international passenger traffic, increased its capacity from 75 million to 90 million with opening of Concourse D